The There Goes the Galaxy "Yay, the trilogy is done!" Party

With Tryfling Matters, the final book in the There Goes the Galaxy story arc complete, I thought it would be nice to have some folks over who have been supportive throughout the process. So this past weekend, I had a little party to celebrate.

Since I live in a Victorian house and it would be too difficult to space-up all of my decor, I decided the theme would be a house tour for aliens, so they could see what the average Tryfling (Earthling) home was like. I made plaques, dressed as my character Rozz to docent, and some of the information about Earth was wrong because Rozz was trolling. :)

Anyway, come take a peek at the clever costumes my good people came up with!

Your tour guide... (Me as Rozz)...

No weapons please: leave them at the door (heh, like that was ever going to happen with my characters there!)...

Some food, slightly themed toward the books (though, honestly, do we REALLY want to eat the things Bertram has consumed during his travels?).

One of two punches, with and without rocket fuel, plus a pitcher of bacontinis (people who have read Tryfling Matters already will get the significance of that).

Then the local wildlife arrived, like this very clever Altairan Daisy...

Thankfully no one was eaten alive by the daisy. I don't have homeowner's insurance for that.

 An antennaed lifeform called an "Aunt."...

A species known as "Cousins"...

 ...One of whom dressed as the book covers!

The cover artist, Dave White, and his wife Dorothy...

Dave and Rozz...

A pair of Rollies-- not sure which Rollie is the clone. They had to work that out amongst themselves.

This Rollie brought his own Feegar High Impact Bourbon..

Always so resourceful.

My character Jane Manners (also from Tryfling Matters) arrived, having just busted out of Mawdank prison.

And the cutest toilet snail ever! (er, Aquaphilic House Gastropoid.)

Some spacey sweets folks actually didn't eat because they weren't sure they could! (They could!)

And some more Earthen food...

And here are closeups of the plaques around the house. Overall, I would say it was a stellar way to end the trilogy.

Tryfling Matters, Final Book in the There Goes the Galaxy Trilogy Goes LIVE!

Great news, folks! I'm so excited to formally announce that Tryfling Matters, the final installment of the There Goes the Galaxy book trilogy, is now available in paperback and ebook form through Amazon! If you enjoyed the humorous sci-fi of There Goes the Galaxy (book 1) and The Purloined Number (book 2), you won't want to miss this fun conclusion. I had a great time writing it and I think you might enjoy it a lot. The book summary is as follows:

They say you can't go home again, but some people never listen.

Earth— known to the rest of the universe as Tryfe.

No matter what you call it, the little blue planet’s had its share of hard knocks. It’s been bought and sold to alien developers. It’s been held for ransom. Now the universe’s most famous Tryflings—Bertram Ludlow and Rozz Mercer—have returned to clean up the mess.

And what a mess it is. Family is acting strange. An alien corporation is running the place. And corporate outreach has an unusually hungry vibe.

Of course, even alien overlords need quality staff, so Bertram and Rozz boldly dive into the belly of the beast. As corporate spies, they must navigate a dangerous trail of conspiracy theorists, assassins, energy beverages and boy bands—all while battling the darkest force of all: day jobs.

Can the Tryfling defenders save Life As We Know It, or have Bertram and Rozz bitten off more than they can chew?